The Mauritanian Human Rights Watch

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 14:59

The Mauritanian Human Rights Watch is a non-partisan and civil rights commission, it takes from the defense of Mauritanian human rights as humanitarian and moral message. It is keen to truthfulness, honesty, and accuracy in the obtaining and the dissemination of information as well as avoiding cheap publicity and abhorrent trading.
It always stands on the side of the oppressed whatever their intellectual backgrounds, their political choices and social, ethnic, and linguistic midsts are.

The center aims at expanding civil liberties’ areas in Mauritania, and consolidating the culture of tolerance and political, cultural, and ethnic pluralism. It also renounces the political violence and social oppression, and filters the sediments of decadence and backwardness. His goal is to build a community characterized by a political and social justice. And the means of the Mauritanian Human Rights Watch are limited in the peaceful struggle, the spread of the awareness of civil rights and duties, and the respect for human dignity wherever he is.