MHRW calls for a special security force to pursue slavery crimes (Briefing)

Sun, 05/10/2015 - 09:42

After more than half a century of Mauritania’s independence the practicing of slavery continues until today. Even though it is considered as a serious offense punishable by the law, the perpetrators still practicing this ugly business by taking advantage of the weakness of the law enforcement and the social ethics criminalizing this practice.

It is known that the major crimes, against the state and the citizens, require special security apparatus, such as economic crimes and drug trafficking.., and it is not possible for the Mauritanian State, in the fight against this crimes and the search for their perpetrators, to depend on the limited means of human rights organizations.

Although all Mauritanians appreciate the role played by human rights organizations, e.g. Slaves SOS and IRA movement, in the search for perpetrators of slavery crimes in the country, the state is urged to establish special police force to track this type of crimes, and to enforce the law, in this fight more effectively.

Abdallahi Beyane

The President of the Mauritanian Human Rights Watch