On the Release of Mr. Ahmed O. Abdel Aziz

Fri, 10/30/2015 - 09:58

In the last few months, we followed closely, with his legal counselor, the dossier of the Guantanamo prisoner Mr. Ahmed O. Abdel Aziz. His case was fortunately settled at last with his recent release from detention followed by his return to Mauritania on Oct. 29 2015.
We seize this opportunity to congratulate his family and thank all those Human Rights organizations and civil society personalities who contributed one way or the other, to this fortunate event.  We hope that it would be followed by the release of the second Mauritanian detainee: the engineer Mr. Mohamedou O. Slahi. As Mohamed O. Abdel Aziz reminds us all, and rightly so, our joy cannot be complete without the release of our compatriot Mouhamedou O. Slahi from the confines of Guantanamo camp.
At the MHRM we are deeply grateful to the lawyers, human rights organizations, as well as the Mauritanian authorities, for all the efforts made and energy spent for the freeing of our compatriot. And we hope they will continue the same efforts until Mohamedou O. Slahi gains back his freedom and returns safe to his beloved ones.
MHRW 10/30/2015
Nouakchott, Mauritania