The Arbitrary Arrest of former Colonel Omar O. Beibacar

Sat, 11/21/2015 - 10:01

At the MHRW, we followed very closely the dossier of “Salafi Prisoners” and its recent development. The last episode of which was the hunger strike of 20 inmates on Wednesday afternoon, November 11, 2015 to protest the use of coercive force to subdue the prisoner Saleh O. Mohamed O. Ely. The latter has finished his 5-year term that started in 2010 but he was asked to pay an amount of 5 million UM before he can get released.  And that is a flagrant violation of the law and a moral attempt to the credibility of the state and the independence of the judiciary.
For these reasons, MHRW demands:
• The unconditional and immediate release of the prisoner Saleh O. Mohamed O. Ely
• And reiterates its opposition to the use of coercive force to subdue prisoners or as a means of torture in the form of cruel and usual punishment
• We express our worries about the continuation of the hunger strike and its potential harmful effects on the health of the prisoners as we call upon the authorities to take full responsibility with regard to the well-being of prisoners
• And reminds the authorities to open a channel of dialog with the Salafi detainees, whose hands are not tainted with the blood of innocents, through various means, including the recourse of religious clerics, in order to facilitate their de-radicalization and eventual social rehabilitation
MHRW 11/12/2015